Specialized Mental Health Treatment Services

  • ADD/ADHD: I offer tailored evaluations and treatment options for ADD/ADHD across all age groups. Each patient receives individualised care designed to effectively manage symptoms and improve quality of life.
  • Anxiety: At our Social Anxiety Treatment Centre, I deliver compassionate care and effective strategies for managing anxiety disorders. My goal is to help patients reduce anxiety and enhance their overall well-being. I want patients to help define their treatment goals.
  • Depression: I develop personalised treatment plans to alleviate symptoms of depression and restore well-being. Each plan is focused on the unique needs of the patient to promote a lasting recovery. Usually, medication is recommended and prescribed, but supportive education is no less important.
  • Mood disorders and emotional dysregulation: I provide comprehensive care for mood disorders, promoting stability and resilience through a combination of therapeutic approaches and medication management tailored to each individual’s needs. For example, the variants of bipolar disorder and disorders related to bipolar disorder fall under the umbrella of mood disorders. Emotional dysregulation is a descriptive term for difficulty managing and rebuilding the experience and expression of feelings. It occurs in the context of many mental health conditions and is usually something that develops during infancy and childhood.
Conveniently located for those searching for “Mental Health Services Near Me,” my practice, located near the transportation hub of the lower Delaware Valley–the intersection of Interstate 476 (“The Blue Route”) and U.S. Route 30 (East Lancaster Avenue)–offers my personalized, expert treatment to support patients in unlocking the difficulties in their life on their journey to improved mental health and well-being. My office is right next to the Radnor stop on SEPTA regional trail at the Radnor Financial Center at 201 King of Prussia Road Within minutes by car are the campuses of several major institutions of postsecondary education, including Villanova University, Bryn Mawr College, and Rosemont College.