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Aaron Liu

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At Delaware Valley Well Being, I am dedicated to providing specialised mental health care services tailored to individual needs. I offer personalised treatment plans for a range of conditions, including ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. I conduct thorough evaluations, and I provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, supporting patients 12 and older on their journey to improved mental well-being. I emphasise the personal support that promotes recovery and enhances overall quality of life.

Aaron Liu, M.D. -

Meet Aaron Liu,

A dedicated Mental Health Doctor specializing exclusively in Mental Health Care Services.

My journey began with a focus on mental health during my family medicine residency at Underwood-Memorial Family Practice Residency, followed by a clinical fellowship in geriatrics at Temple University Hospital. I then practiced in Northeast Philadelphia, where provided treatment in the office, hospital, and, especially, the nursing home setting, where I gained experience treating anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions, in addition to medical conditions.

Convenient Healthcare Services

Aaron Liu, M.D.


Tailored evaluation and treatment options for ADD/ADHD across age groups.

Aaron Liu, M.D.


Compassionate care and effective strategies for managing anxiety disorders.

Aaron Liu, M.D.


Personalized treatment plans to alleviate depression symptoms and restore well-being.

Aaron Liu, M.D.

Mood Disorders

Comprehensive care for mood disorders, promoting stability and resilience.

FAQs: Get the Information You Need

Q1. What age groups do you provide services for?

I provide services for a diverse patient base spanning from 12 to older adults. No one is too old to benefit from care. The mental health care of children younger than 12 is outside my expertise.

Q2. How do I know if therapy or counseling is right for me?

If you are experiencing difficulties with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, ADD/ADHD, or other emotional challenges that impact your daily life, therapy or counseling could be beneficial. Speaking with a mental health professional can help you understand your symptoms and develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs. My treatment is usually based on prescribing mental health medications, but I will give you my considered opinion on whether I think medications are needed, and what role supportive education can play.

Q3. What can I expect during my first appointment?

During your first appointment, I will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to understand your medical history, current symptoms, and any previous treatments. This session typically involves discussing your concerns, gathering information, and formulating an evaluation. Together, we will develop a personalized treatment plan, which may include medication management and supportive education. If more than one session is needed for evaluation and making a decision about whether I'm the right doctor for your treatment right now, I will let you know during the initial consultation.

Q4. How can I schedule a consultation?

To schedule a consultation, you can call my office at 445-204-8080. Leave me a voice mail to let me know when you would have 15 to 30 minutes to discuss your needs with me over the telephone. I will not charge you for this phone call. I will call you back to discuss your concerns with you.

Q5. Do you offer teletherapy or online counseling sessions?

I feel that the best results are obtained by in-person treatment. This allows for the development of a real, human to human relationship which I feel is the basis for therapeutic benefits.